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    The First manufacturer to focus onanti-fatigue mats in China over 10 years.

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    12 month quality warranty on all products shipped.

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    We serve some of the world's top retailers; Amazon, Phillips,Grainger, Drive medical and more.

  • Salon Floor Mats Made of High Density PU Foam

    Salon Anti Fatigue Mats country music hitmaker, died Sunday from coronavirus complications. The singer told fans Salon Anti Fatigue Mats Friday that he tested positive for the virus Salon Chair Mats and asked for privacy as he received treatment. “We want to remind the public and all Wholes...

  • How to Select An Anti Fatigue Mat?

    When it comes to selecting an Anti Fatigue Mat, you must first consider the application.  Is it used in the kitchen, salon, office, hospital or a long time standing working place? Is there a possibility of chemical contact? Will the workers using the mat be primarily standing, or will there be mo...

  • Choosing the Correct Anti Fatigue Mat

    Anti Fatigue Mats are mats designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface (e.g., cement floors).  When talking about choosing the correct Anti Fatigue Floor Mats, it’s good to have a basic understanding of how anti-fatigue mats works. They’re more than just a sof...

  • Stay Active at Home with Exercise Equipment Mats

    Staying fit while many gym mats are stilled treadmill mat  closed is easy with the best home gym equipment. Social distancing guidelines exercise equipment mats are still in place in many parts of the country due to the pandemic, but it’s vital that you still get wholesale exercise mats, wh...

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Sheep Mats is China’s first and only TUV certified manufacturer of anti-fatigue mats; Over sixty- three million units deployed worldwide. It’s located in Xiamen city, which is a major place for cross strait sales exchanges.

Our main products include anti-fatigue kitchen mats, standing desk mats, industrial anti-fatigue mats, medical anti-fatigue mats, salon mats, fitness mats and yoga mats. “Comfortable standing every day” is what we chase. We are working with a lot of clients including GRAINGER, TARGET, PHILIPPS, COSTCO, Amazon, ect.


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