Benefits of UV Printing Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats


Ultraviolet Printing Mat refers to the printing process of an Anti-Fatigue Mat‘s PVC surface using ultraviolet curing technology. The UV Printing process involves special inks that have been formulated to dry quickly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

As the Comfort Standing Mats passes through the printing press and receives wet ink, it is immediately exposed to UV light. Because the UV light dries the application of ink instantly, the ink does not have the opportunity to seep or spread. Hence, images and text of the PVC surface print in sharper detail.

The Benefits of UV Printing Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats are as follows:

  • Adds More Lustrousness to the Appearance. The printing is sharper and more vibrant. Because the ink dries so rapidly, it does not have a chance to spread or absorb into the substrate. As a result, the printing of the Anti-Fatigue Mat’s surface stays vivid and crisp.
  • High Color Fastness, Resists Fading. UV-cured ink is less prone to scratches, scuffs, or ink transfer during handling and transportation. It also resists fading.
  • Faster Processing Time than regular PVC leather PU Foam Comfort Mats. The ink is dry the second it comes off the press. No time is lost waiting for the ink to dry before folding, binding, or performing other finishing operations.
  • Environmental Friendly. The printing process is kinder to the environment. Because UV-cured inks are not solvent-based, there are no harmful substances to evaporate into the surrounding air.
  • Patterns Customizable.
  • Low MOQ & No Extra Tooling Cost!

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Post time: Apr-12-2021