Fitness Mats Should be A Necessity for Everyone

Fitnessaholics who have already looked around for the ideal fitness mat know:

The search is a science in itself, because there is a large selection and countless models that differ in size, color, material or weight. The most common names:

  • Sports mat or fitness mat is the generic term for the gadget and includes all models.  
  • The exercise  mat is the all-rounder among mats. It is thick and offers great comfort for the back or joints when training on the floor. But balance exercises are not suitable for this model. 
  • The yoga mat is particularly thin and light, making it easy to carry in your pocket. The surface is also extra non-slip so that you can safely perform your asanas. The fitness mat is also great for Pilates exercises.   
  • The gym mat  you know certainly from the physical education. It is maximally shock-absorbing and robust and therefore ideal for gymnastics exercises such as forward roll, handstand roll over and somersault. Disadvantage: It is a very large and thick mat and accordingly requires a lot of space.  

This is the optimal size for your sports mat

  • Width and length:  So that you can really let off steam while exercising, we recommend buying an exercise mat of sufficient size. The width should be 60 to 100 centimeters, depending on the sport. The perfect length is between 170 and 200 centimeters and can be chosen according to personal height. 
  • Fitness mat thickness:  Thin models are harder and allow a good stand. The fitness mat here is between 0.5 and 1.5 centimeters thick. Values ​​above this are considered high and give the mat more comfort.exercise-equipment-mats-JP-052107fitdirect-drive-trainers-092801

You should always pay attention to this when buying your fitness mat

Synthetic materials like PVC are cheap, but they can contain harmful substances. A sports mat made from natural materials such as rubber and cork offers a harmless and environmentally friendly alternative and is, in our opinion, the best fitness mat. After all, we want to enjoy the exercise mat for a long time and enjoy optimal comfort and safety while exercising.

SheepMats Wholesale Exercise Mats is made of high-quality, sustainable natural rubber and does not contain any synthetic rubber. OEM manufacturer of EXERCISE EQUIPMENT MATS professionals get along really well with the mat, as it has great cushioning and good grip and is therefore ideal for flowing asanas. With a weight of around two kilograms, it is light and can be easily taken with you to the next sports lesson.

Post time: Dec-07-2020