Ski Trainer – The New Fitness Trend



As opposed to using heavy barbells or dumbbells in order to build muscle mass, a Ski Trainer Machine uses the resistance of the fan.

The primary muscles engaged while working on the skierg are lats, shoulders, chest, and upper back so if these are areas of your body that you want to build then a Ski Trainer Machine  is a great option.skier-machine-20210223-06


  • [INTENSE WORKOUT] – The seamless ski motion produces the optimal oxygen consumption, promoting weight loss and enhancing the calorie burn for an intense and effective workout. Electronic Fitness monitor measures time, reps, and calorie burn to keep track of your workouts.
  • [LOW-IMPACT] – works all major muscle groups regardless of age or fitness level, improving your strength and endurance without added impact on your joints.
  • [EASY & SAFE] – Fixed handrail with padded grip for an easy and safe workout good for all fitness levels. Supports a maximum weight of 220 lb / 100 kg.
  • Lightweight, easy to assemble and affordable home fitness machine that emulates the movement of downhill skiing. Its unique and versatile design is made to provide the benefits of this demanding and adventurous sport and the rush of being in the alpines, all in the comfort of your own living room.
  • More efficient at calorie burning and muscle toning than cycling on a stationary bike or a treadmill. With twelve subjects representing three age groups, Skier Machine showed greater oxygen consumption and caloric output than the cycle and treadmill in all age groups.
  • Improve your overall fitness, well-being and strengthen your muscles. Lose weight and tone your body.
  • skier-machine-20210223-04

Better use it with a Exercise Equipment Mat beneath to protect both you and your floor.

Post time: Feb-24-2021