Why Salon Mats are So Popular?

Anti-Fatigue Salon Mats are crucial because stylists are on their feet all day long. Anti-fatigue mats around your salon chairs or barber chairs help you and your stylists feel better and less tired throughout the workday. By reducing pain and exhaustion these mats will pay for themselves in recovered productivity.


Sheep Mats are one of the top names in salon anti-fatigue mats for a reason. It’s a steady growing business that creates their anti-fatigue mats in China.

Our mats are sturdy, well-made, and sleek. Salon floor mat is part of their anti-fatigue mats collection which has a non-absorbent polyurethane sponge center calibrated to increase circulation and reduce back stress.

It’s a good balance of firmness and squish factor (which is probably not the scientific term.) At three-quarters of an inch thick this is their deluxe mat and has their classic anti-slip surface for client and employee safety, but the surface isn’t so textured that it makes hair sweeping difficult.


Post time: May-26-2021