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    The First olupese si idojukọ onanti-rirẹ awọn maati ni China lori 10 years.

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    12 osù didara atilẹyin ọja lori gbogbo awọn ọja bawa.

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    A sin diẹ ninu awọn ti aye ti oke alatuta; Amazon, Phillips, Grainger, Lé egbogi ati siwaju sii.

  • Anti-Fatigue Mats Becomes A Necessity in 2020

    Many people are forced to work remotely due to the global pandemic. Sitting all day stinks can lead to tech-neck issues, tightened hip flexors, and recurring back pain. In addition, standing for too long is tough on our body as well, causing muscle fatigue and varicose veins. Those job requires o...

  • Ski Trainer – The New Fitness Trend

        As opposed to using heavy barbells or dumbbells in order to build muscle mass, a Ski Trainer Machine uses the resistance of the fan. The primary muscles engaged while working on the skierg are lats, shoulders, chest, and upper back so if these are areas of your body that you want to...

  • Holiday Notice: Happy Chinese New Year!

    Hi There! Chinese New Year is around the corner! Feb.12th is our traditional Chinese New Year, which also called Spring Festival. Traditional New Year celebration will last about 30 days. Thus we will be on holiday from Feb. 4th – Feb. 19th. If you have any questions or concerns, you can still l...


    Sheep Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats, with over 15 years Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats manufacturing experience in the Comfort Floor Mats Industry, has recently announced to extend factory buildings in 2021. In the past 2020, we moved to the new office, as well as renovated our factory, workshops, and machi...

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Agutan Mats ni China ká akọkọ ati ki o nikan TUV ifọwọsi olupese ti egboogi-rirẹ awọn maati; Lori ẹgba mejilelọgbọn o meta milionu sipo ransogun ni agbaye. O ti n be ni Xiamen ilu, eyi ti o jẹ pataki kan ibi fun agbelebu hihá tita pasipaaro.

Wa akọkọ awọn ọja ni egboogi-rirẹ idana awọn maati, duro Iduro awọn maati, ise egboogi-rirẹ awọn maati, egbogi egboogi-rirẹ awọn maati, iṣowo awọn maati, amọdaju ti awọn maati ati yoga awọn maati. "Itura duro ni gbogbo ọjọ" ni ohun ti a lé. A ti wa ni ṣiṣẹ pẹlu kan pupo ti ibara pẹlu GRAINGER, afojusun, Philipps, Costco, Amazon, ect.



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